About Us

About Us

Hi, and welcome to an insurance company that makes a pain in the ass less pain in the ass-ey. You’ll find no small print. No asterisks. No hassles in sight. What you will find is a simple way to protect and get reimbursed for what matters most to you.

Our Story

For our founder Scott Walker, it all started during his travels in New York. While jostling with the crowds on a busy Manhattan street, he could feel his cell phone ringing. After a few excruciating seconds of fumbling to get it out of his pocket, it fell—slow motion-style—to the concrete. A long crack now divided the once-perfect screen. After making several failed attempts to get his phone repaired and covered through his existing mobile insurance he gave up. The only way for him to fix the break was to mail it back, not very helpful for someone travelling in New York. Instead, he created Bounce.
Bounce is a subsidiary of C. Walker Group Inc.

Our Team

At Bounce, we believe simple accidents shouldn’t cost a fortune to repair and you should have the right to repair it anywhere.

Scott Walker, Founder

As Managing Director of Walker Group, a 51 year old Canadian family business, Scott brings over 30 years of experience and a reputation for innovating retail and manufacturer insurance solutions. A technology addict with a shopping problem, Scott is continually testing new products and service solutions in the pursuit of developing amazing consumer experiences.

Jeremy Guan, Digital Marketing Specialist

Jeremy brings his digital and creative experience to help grow Bounce. His love for big screen phones has left him at the mercy of the butter finger syndrome for years. Today, his saying enough is enough and has joined forces with the Bouncers to  help eradicate broken screens across Canada. With a love of puns and food, DOUGHNUT take him lightly. Prior to joining Bounce he helped fuel marketing efforts at brands like Canada Goose and Kraft Heinz.

Bounce Insider

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