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Screen replacement plans for as low as $39/year.

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Why protect your phone with Bounce?

No more having to deal with your carrier, expired warranties, or paying crazy amounts just to fix a phone screen.

  • Fix-it anywhere

  • 24 hour refunds*

  • No deductible

  • New and used phones

Step 01.

Sign up for Bounce and activate your plan.

Step 02.

When your phone screen breaks, just find any shop near you.

Step 03.

Take a picture of your receipt and upload it to Bounce. That’s it!

Step 04.

We will reimburse you within 24 hours Click here for details.

Bounce vs The Other Guys

See how Bounce stacks up against other phone screen protection plans.

Bounce Applecare+ Carriers
Deductible $0 $39 $200-475
Repair Anywhere Authorized Apple stores Mail it in
New phone coverage
Used phone coverage
Cost $39- $89 $250 + $350 +

How It Works

Frequently Asked Questions

We get it, Bounce is a new product, and we're sure you have questions you want answered. Here are some helpful answers to pressing questions.

1. What is Bounce? Why have I never heard of it before?

Bounce is a brand new phone insurance company that covers your phone screen against breaks. When you purchase a Bounce policy, the next time you break your phone screen and get it fixed, Bounce will cover the cost. Bounce operates under a company called C Walker Inc which is a Canadian, family- owned insurance company that has been in business for over 50 years. This is our first direct-to-consumer protection product.

2. What if my phone's screen is already broken? Can Bounce fix it?

Sorry, your phone can't already be broken when you sign up.

3. Why is the price so low, seems too good to be true?

There are two ways how we keep the price of our plan so low. Bounce covers the cost of fix for phone screen only. By removing a lot of standard “fluff” / mobile plan options you typically pay for but never use, we are able to keep the price low. We sell directly to you online, removing the middleman and mark-ups along the way. Since you're just dealing with us, not only can we ensure that the service you're getting is A+, we can also minimize the cost!

4. Where can I get my phone repaired?

Any licensed repair shop across the globe! Who knows when and where your next break will happen? You can find out more about why we have a fix it anywhere policy in "Our Story"

5. What’s covered?

Bounce covers up to two (2) screen replacements for your phone during the coverage period. The maximum amount covered per replacement varies by plan. Prime coverage is up to $150, Premium coverage is up to $250 and the Elite covers up to $500.

6. How does it work?

It’s easy: Sign up at If you break your phone's screen, take it to any shop. Upload your repair receipt under “File a Claim” section in your Account. We'll reimburse you within 24 hours. That's it!
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